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Anthony Carey

Date: (28 April 2010)    |    

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My day starts as any other answering emails and phone messages, before preparing a set of Submissions for a difficult Tribunal matter at which I will be providing the Advocacy on behalf of the client.

I then see 2 clients, one for benefit fraud - which involves my attending an interview under caution [PACE 1984] with the client at a Jobcentre later this week.

This will be difficult as the client is very emotional and distressed and it is difficult to explain to her the seriousness of her predicament including the potential for this matter going to Court.

It is therefore in her best interests to tell me everything so that I can use my skill as an orator to try to have the matter dealt with in a different way by the fraud investigator[s].

The second client is here for a Housing Benefit appeal as the Local Authority believes that the client’s tenancy has been contrived to take advantage of the benefits system.

This is going to be a complex matter that will require a Tribunal hearing and lots of evidence to be provided by the client if we are to have a fighting chance.

I finish my Submissions and head for home nearly on time, knowing that tomorrow will never be the same as today.