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The conservative backbencher Richard Ottaway had won Government support for a plan which would make it more difficult for dealers to buy scrap metal discouraging such thefts from churches, war memorials, railways and other sources. Thefts for scrap from these sources have seen soaring to record levels in the current year.

The MP for Croydon South would introduce a Private Member’s Bill




In an international case of child exploitation photographs of children were shared on a number of sites including Facebook. The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) said that six arrests were made in England.
Nine English children who were victims of the racket whose details have not been disclosed have been safeguarded and protected the police have said.
Interpol has sai




The Immigration minister has announced that soon after the Olympics seventy extra border staff would be taken from within the Whitehall to check any fresh passport crisis at British airports in September.
All summer leaves of the UK Border Force have been withdrawn by the Home Office and extra temporary staff is being brought in from other parts of Whitehall to deal with the deluge of 650,000




Overcautious custom officials seem to be bitten by the racial bug as they are routinely stopping and searching white air passengers only as a balancing act of racial mix.
A report has revealed that to avoid race discrimination complaints the staff were searching for illegal goods at Gatwick Airport by selecting white passengers.
The report which exposed the practice was one of two by John




A haulage firm boss Dean Castle and employee Carl Haynes were jailed for 20 and 17 years respectively for smuggling more than £5million worth of drugs into the UK in oil drums.
They were caught after customs officers in Dover found huge quantities of heroin, amphetamine and other drugs buried in sand in drums on the HGV.
Haynes, 42, was arrested after officers caught him transporting 26 ki




According to a new research from leading lettings agency UPAD, tenants prefer landlords to agents when it comes to viewing properties.
UPAD surveyed 382 tenants from across the UK and found that only 15pc said they would rather meet an agent for a viewing than deal directly with the landlord.
Over half of tenants asked said they would rather meet the landlord, while just over a third sai




A problem which would affect the amateur landlords for example those who choose to let their property till they could find a buyer, many of the homeowner’s don not take the lenders permission to let as they may have to pay more mortgage costs.
The reasons why a tenant would seek such permission is that they can find themselves in a bad position if the landlord defaults on his payments which co