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Adoption Agencies (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2013

Date: (22 May 2013)    |    

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From the 1st of July 2013 the Adoption Agencies (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2013 is coming into force which amends the Adoption Agencies Regulations 2005 which make provision relating to the exercise by adoption agencies (local authorities and registered adoption societies) of their functions in relation to adoption under the Adoption and Children Act 2002.

The new regulation 19A requires adoption agencies to refer, within a prescribed timescale, details of children, who have been decided to be given in adoption, to the adoption register.

A two stage approval process is followed under the current regulations. Regulations 21 to 30G provide the pre assessment process stage 1 and the assessment decision stage 2. In stage 1 (regulations 21 to 27) applies when a person has notified a adoption agency that they want to adopt a child and the agency has notified that person that it has decided to proceed with the pre assessment process in respect of them.

Stage 2 apply where after the decision of adoption agency to the suitability of the prospective adopter has been made and is notified to the prospective adopter within six months of that decision that they wish to proceed to stage 2 of the approval process.

The new regulation 22 now requires the adoption agency to prepare a written plan in consultation with the prospective adopter about the stage one plan which include information about the role of the agency and the prospective adopter in the stage one process.

New regulation 26 sets out pre assessment information that an adoption agency must obtain and new regulation 27 provides if the prospective adopter may be suitable to adopt a child in the light of the information procured.

The decision has to be made within two months from the date of notifying the prospective adopter about the assessment process under regulation 21. The agency may delay making such decision if it feels there are good reasons or upon the request of the prospective adopter.

New regulation 29 requires the agency to prepare written plan in consultation with the prospective adopter which has information about procedure assessment of the adopter.

New regulation 30B provides requirement by an agency that it must decide whether a prospective adopter is suitable to adopt within four months from the date of notification by the prospective adopter that they wish to proceed with the assessment process. Agency may delay making decision under exceptional conditions.