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With so many lawyers to choose from zeroing in to the right lawyer or solicitor is always a tough ask especially when migrating is such an important decision one has to make with so many uncertainties chasing your thought process.
Within the scope of immigration services could include general immigration, Refugee and Asylum Immigration including Detention Centres, Work Permits and Visas and Business Immigration and within each category again you could have a specific requirement.
Services of an immigration solicitor
An immigration lawyer can help you in analyzing the facts of your case, explain the benefits you would be entitled to, and recommend the best ways to obtain legal status by filing complete and proper applications.
He or she would provide you with all the new developments that may be taking place in the field of immigration law try and avoid delays wherever possible discuss the case thread bare with you speak on behalf of you at the Home Office or the UK Border Agency or represent you at a court or tribunal and file waivers or appeals on behalf of you. All in all he/she would do their best to use the system to your advantage as he or she would have the experience to do so.
How to find an immigration solicitor / firm?
If you do not have references from family, friends or relatives then the easiest way would be to check into an online directory of immigration solicitors / lawyers. Most of the firms and solicitors have their profile on the internet and start by looking for a firm or solicitor who could be approached directly without being charged for an initial consultancy – most of them do not charge a fee for an initial interview on phone or in person.
An independent practitioner could be dealing in specific case but when you have any doubts about your requirements then an established law firm which specialises in immigration law could be the best option because you could get answers to all your queries.
What do you need?
If your are one of those coming from a different ethnic background to that of UK and have problem with English language then you need to select a firm which has specialist solicitors who could provide services in a variety of languages. This would help you in communicating directly in your preferred language instead through a translator.
Enquire whether the solicitor/s have completed their Law Society’s Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme (IAAS), which is mandatory requirement to carry out immigration related work.
Fees: Coming to the issue of fees get a clear picture of what you are ready to pay and whether the firm or solicitor come within your budgetary frame. There are firms which deal with issues involving public funding - earlier known as legal aid - which may be available for some eligible section of people such as those seeking political asylum.