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Landlords who could cut middlemen and talk to tenant directly can only gain as tenants prefer landlords to agents a survey has said

Date: (8 May 2012)    |    

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According to a new research from leading lettings agency UPAD, tenants prefer landlords to agents when it comes to viewing properties.
UPAD surveyed 382 tenants from across the UK and found that only 15pc said they would rather meet an agent for a viewing than deal directly with the landlord.
Over half of tenants asked said they would rather meet the landlord, while just over a third said that they were indifferent, highlighting the obvious advantages for landlords to liaise with tenants directly.
James Davis, CEO of UPAD and hands-on landlord of 14 years said that its research honesty and obtaining direct answers was of the most important criteria for a potential tenant which can be gathered only from the landlords who need to self manage and hold viewings themselves those landlords who were not taking the matter on to themselves were missing simply missing out he said.
To further demonstrate the sentiment, Upad asked their tenants exactly why they prefer one over the other. While one pro-agent tenant explained agents were probably more objective about the property they were showing.
The majority of tenant comments in the survey revealed a pro-landlord attitude with one tenant stating that since the landlord is the owner of the property he or she was more likely to know finer details about the house than the agent who was just doing a job. Landlords were more honest with no feeling of being pitched or sold to. The landlord was more likely to tell the facts as it is. The tenant said that the agents were not always truthful as they worked for money whereas the landlords were more concerned about keeping a good tenant.
Davis added that the data clearly states that it's important that UK landlords listen to what tenants want. By cutting out the middle man and dealing directly with tenants, landlords have full control, enabling them to build trust and secure long lasting relationships with their tenants.